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     In Charlotte Bronte’s 39 years of life, she only wrote four novels. The four novels include Villette, The Professor, Jane Eyre, and Shirley. In each novel, love was a common theme. In each novel, themes such as love versus autonomy, religion, social class, independence as a woman, and gender relations are present. Her most famous piece of work is Jane Eyre.

     In Jane Eyre, Bronte uses love as a fundamental and universal idea that is relevant to the past, the present, and the future.  Jane Eyre has never known true love in her life until she met Mr. Rochester. Through him, she was able to open her heart for love. This theme can be seen in today’s society as people look for love in all the wrong places. Jane Eyre did not look for love, instead love found her. Independence as a woman is also a significant theme in Jane Eyre. During Charlotte Bronte’s time period, women were viewed as delicate and fragile. Yet, in her novel, she was able to deviate from the norm and portray Jane Eyre as independent and self-governing.

    Charlotte Bronte was effective in describing love as a universal theme. In each novel, love becomes a central conflict that arises within the characters. Most of Charlotte Bronte’s books are based on her life and her experiences. It becomes an insight to how she viewed her existence.