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Influence on Other Authors

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     Charlotte Bronte's novel, Jane Eyre, contributed to the influence of many other world authors. The novel, Jane Eyre, is considered to be a Gothic romance novel due to the mysterious things that happen in Mr. Rochester's manor. Through this work, Bronte can relate to authors such as Horace Walpole, M.G. Lewis, and Ann Radcliff who are practitioners of the Gothic genre as well. Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre builds anticipation like the customary novel, yet it leans towards encouraging the reader's association with the narrator.
     To begin with, most of Charlotte Bronte's works are often compared to the works of the other Bronte's, her sisters, George Eliot, and the American Victorians. As a child, Bronte and her sisters spend their childhood creating their own fantasy worlds. Therefore, it is naturalistic that they influence each other. For instance, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte depicts a similar plot to Jane Eyre. Their books have similar attributes in characters, setting, and plot.
     The American Victorians portray their literary pieces as the social norms were during that era. For instance, women were allowed to hold employment as governess and teachers. Men were considered the head of the house and whatever decisions they made were law. The sons were more important than daughters and the expectations were usually on the son. By using these ideas, the American Victorians were able to successfully portray the life during the Victorian Age. Charlotte Bronte's influenced this era because she combined a gothic idea with Victorian roles. For instance, Jane Eyre is the Victorian woman and the mysterious occurrences are part of the Gothic aspect.